All About Adnelly

“My creativity comes from my sense of family; I grew up in a warm household where hosting dinners, entertaining guests and sharing love were an integral part of my everyday life. I strive to instil that sentiment into each of my clients’ events.”

Make It Fabulous! event designer & coordinator Adnelly Habiba Youssouf has lived all over the world. Russia, Chad, Algeria, France, and now Canada are all places she calls home. Having lived in such a wide variety of countries, absorbing the cultural nuances of each, has given her a uniquely international perspective and an uncanny ability to fuse traditional customs with modern style.

Adnelly has always had a passion for planning events; with an educational background in event planning, communications, and public and international relations, she has also amassed years of hands-on experience as a event designer and coordinator. Birthdays, sporting events, holiday parties and milestone anniversaries – Adnelly has always executed pitch perfect events.

Whether planning an intimate gathering or a palatial affair, Adnelly confidently implements her unwavering passion, infectious enthusiasm, fresh ideas and keen attention to detail to every event, leaving her clients satisfied and their guests mesmerized.

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